Feel feel calmer, less stressed and able to better cope with challenging situations.

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Mindfulness is founded on Buddhist theory and thinking. It first came to the west in the peace and love era of the 70s and by 2000 mindfulness had become multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Mindfulness is a technique. A skill that is developed through practise.

Psychologists state that evidence is not yet available to back the link between mindfulness and improved cognitive function, improved sleep or weight loss. It does, however, attest to the beneficial effects that mindfulness plays on psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression and stress. Educating staff on mindfulness techniques that are easy to practise daily and encouraging the forming of regular habitual mindfulness practises will ultimately realise greater productivity. People will feel calmer, less stressed and able to better cope with challenging situations. Some studies show that, daily mindfulness practises brings improved self awareness, better heath, better eating and less consumption of stimulants like tea and coffee. That means less time off for being sick and fatigued.

Brief periods of stretching and mediation throughout the day, slows the heart rate and when conducted together as a team relaxes the mind and elevates the mood of the group. At conferences or meetings, taking time out to practise mindfulness or meditation, refreshes the mind and brings renewed attentiveness to conference content.

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