Exchanging relevant information and resources to assist someone in their goals.

three people cooperating to create a dragons head in Catalyst teambuilding activity Dragons Squad

Cooperation is the sharing of relevant information and resources when labour has been divided between people so that each person is responsible for solving a certain aspect of the overarching quest. In a team situation where individuals are completing separate tasks, cooperation is the conscious choice to exchange relevant information and resources to assist another. When there are many teams working on separate tasks towards an overarching quest, teams may choose to share ideas and materials in order to assist another team to complete their task.

Team building activities create an opportune environment for people to realise and appreciate the strengths of their own peers. It is this realisation and appreciation of others that fuels the desire to assist someone in their quest. Many team building exercises require individuals or groups of individuals to work on a separate task that will contribute in points to the overall team goal but the tasks themselves are unique and unrelated to the tasks of others. As there is a common overarching goal, sometimes as simple as gaining the most team points, individuals soon work to assist each other in their separate tasks.

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