Teams from AXA Asia are fully engaged with Go Team

Published on 1 Apr 2019

Arnaud Mounier, Regional Chief Investment Officer AXA Asia in conversation with David Simpson, Team Building Asia.

How was your experience with Go Team today?

We have done a lot of treasure hunts and this kind of off sites but using the tablets as a tool is really a powerful enabler for people to do a new kind of treasure hunt - taking pictures and getting live feedback from the team so it was really great.

And what personality traits and behaviours of the team members did you see? What did you observe?

You think about classic treasure hunt you have one guy with the map and the others guys are not so engaged. I think with this kind of app and this kind of device all people want to participate and it was really engaging for all the people in the team.

What do you think sums up what is great about this Go Team program?

It is really using today's technology to really illustrate how we can use it for fun but as well for business and for us it was really important for us to make that connection in the business environment. So, it was a really great success.

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